Dan Shulman ESPN Baseball Broadcaster – Blue Jays Waiver Claims & DH in the NL – The Dugout Show #14

Dan Shulman ESPN Broadcaster

ESPN Baseball Broadcaster Dan Shulman talks Toronto Blue Jays (pic via ESPN Front Row)

Click here to listen to: Dan Shulman of ESPN on The Dugout with Brock Picken

Brock Picken speaks with Dan Shulman from ESPN. Dan talks about his journey in becoming one of the top baseball broadcasters in the industry, and a couple of his favourite calls in his career.

Have you ever wondered what baseball should do with the DH role in the American vs the National League? Dan gives his opinion, and the answer may surprise you!

The Blue Jays have had a horrific start to the season, and Dan talks about what he thinks is working and not, and gives his opinion on their shot at a playoff berth.

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  1. Andrew S Weeks

    Dont know whether or not you will get this. Just want to say that you are one of my 5 (all-time) favorite baseball announcers. You, Al Michaels, Bob Costas, John Miller, and Carl Ravech are at the top of my list ( with Sean McDonough landing in the respectful position of 6th place). You are a true master Dan with much knowledge, humility and skillful finesse….Thank you!!! Joe Buck is cocky, annoying and barely holding on to the coat-tails of his father. He just doesnt know when to shut-up!!!!
    I must say I was sad to see Emerson classmate of mine Steve Berthiuame leave ESPN. (But he will do well with the Diamondbacks org!) And Finally, I just turned 48 years old….have been Baseball nut for 40 years and I am wondering what your advice would be for someone like myself who still dreams of being a Baseball announcer/commentator before I leave this earth. I believe its never too late! If you agree with that, how might I get started? (Did radio announcing first 2 years out of Emerson, before getting sidetracked) would you mind taking 2 minutes to respond to this inquiry??? Peace & Blessings, Andrew. PS Could I send you a demo (sports) so you might weigh in on my potential?????

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